A film by Kimi Takesue
20 minutes / HD Video / 2011
Distributor: Kimikat Productions

Commissioned by: Independent Television Service (ITVS), Futurestates
Winner: Futurestates Audience Award- Independent Television Service
Winner: Best Short Film, Barcelona International Environmental Film Festival

That Which Once Was - Official Trailer

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Takesue_THAT WHICH ONCE WAS carving_Photo by Richard Beenen_benefunder.jpg


In 2032 an eight-year old boy, displaced by global warming, fends for himself as an environmental refugee in a hostile northern metropolis. Haunted by memories of flooding that left him homeless and orphaned, the boy forms an unexpected friendship with an Inuk ice carver who helps him confront his past.

Selected Screenings

SXSW Film Festival, Austin, TX
Toronto International Film Festival-TIFF Kids, Canada
Vancouver International Film Festival, Canada
San Francisco Asian International Film Festival, CA
Hamptons International Film Festival, NY
Green International Film Festival, Seoul, Korea
Environmental International Film Festival, Paris, France
Copenhagen International Children’s Film Festival, Denmark
Cinema Planeta Festival Internacional De Cine, Mexico
XX1 International Short Film Festival, Jakarta, Indonesia
Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, Canada
Regent Park Film Festival, Toronto, Canada
Bermuda International Film Festival, Hamilton, Bermuda
Hawai’i International Film Festival, Honolulu
Cleveland International Film Festival, Ohio
Anchorage International Film Festival, Alaska
Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, CA
San Diego Asian Film Festival, CA
Tales From Planet Earth Film Festival, Madison, WI
Big Screen Project, NY, NY
Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, IL
Redcat Internat'l Children’s Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA
Children’s Film Festival Seattle, Washington
Reel Kids Film Festival, Toronto, Canada
Women and Film Voices Film Festival, Denver, CO
Asia Society Texas, Houston
Honolulu Museum of Art, Hawai’i
New Art Exchange Gallery, Nottingham, UK



Natar Ungalaq
Vicente Otero
Sydney Francis
Chris Mark Chan  

PRoduction Team

Writer, Director, Producer:    Kimi Takesue
Producer:                                Adriane Giebel
Co-Producer:                          Richard Beenen
Director of Photography:      Robert Sciretta
Editor:                                     John Walter
Production Designer:            Matthew Herschel
Costume Designer:               Jessica De La Cruz
Composer:                              David Reid
Casting:                                  Nina Day Chaudhuri & Zan Ludlum
First Assistant Director:       Scott Larkin
Production Company:          Kimikat Productions & ITVS
In association with:              Okamoto Studio
Executive Producer:             Sally Jo Fifer