95 AND 6 TO GO (2016)

A film by Kimi Takesue
85 minutes / Video / 2016
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Distributor: New Day Films

Nominated: 2017 European Doc Alliance Award
Winner: Special Jury Prize - Best Feature Documentary
LA Asian Pacific Internat'l Film Festival

95 and 6 To Go - Official Trailer

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Filmmaker Kimi Takesue finds an unlikely collaborator while visiting her grandfather Tom in Hawai’i. A recent widower in his 90s, Tom seems content to go about his daily routines until he shows surprising interest in his granddaughter’s stalled romantic screenplay. In alternately funny and poignant discussions, Kimi’s fictional love story – and Tom’s creative revisions – serve as a vehicle for his past memories of love and loss to surface.

Shot over six years, this intimate meditation on family and absence expands the vernacular of the “home movie” to consider how history is accumulated in the everyday and how sparks of humor and creativity can animate an ordinary life.


"An intimate approach to beautiful old age. With patience and an attentive camera that follows the daily routines of an old man, the documentary elaborates on and interweaves the present and the past of an ordinary man who proves to be exceptional."
          - Natalia Trzenko, La Nacion

"A beautiful, luminous and melancholic record, which shows the traces left by people on their way through life." 
          - Maria Paula Rios,

4 stars out of 5
“95 and 6 to Go” is a gem at the festival this year, thanks to an emotional climax that works to perfection. Recommended for those looking to see something new on the big screen.”
          - Toma5 Magazine, Argentina

"'95 and 6 To Go' is a funny, imaginative and warm film about the close relationship – and creative collaboration! – between grandfather and grandchild. Takesue's film is a personal 'home movie' of the rare kind."
          - CPH:DOX Film Festival

"Takesue finds in the editing room an absolutely personal and intimate story that, with flashes of humanity, finds a universal resonance."
          - Diego Brodersen, Página 12 

"A profoundly moving portrait, which is also that of a wife disappeared but eternally present."
          - FID:Marseille Film Festival

"95 and 6 to Go is that rarity: a film that makes you want to be better, do better. Be aware of mortality approaching so that you can be present to the experiences of those further down the path than you are."
          - Sheila O'Malley,

"The film is in many ways a mutually sombre homecoming; the proverbial return to care for one’s elders becomes an active accounting of the past and provokes an unforeseen source of humble creativity."
          - Jay Kuehner, Cinemascope

Selected Screenings

Doclisboa, Lisbon, Portugal (International Competition)
CPH:DOX, Copenhagen, Denmark (Doc Alliance Competition) 
FID:Marseille, Marseille, France (Doc Alliance Competition)
BAFICI, Buenos Aires, Argentina (International Competition)
Krakow Internat'l Film Festival, Poland (Competition)
RIDM: Montreal Internat'l Documentary Film Festival, Canada
Hawai'i Internat'l Film Festival, Honolulu (Doc. Competition)
CAAM Fest, San FranciscoCA (Documentary Competition)
Sarasota Film Festival, Florida
Massachusetts Multicultural Film Festival, Amherst
Lightbox Theater, International House, Philadelphia
Los Angeles Asian Pacific International Film Festival, CA
**Winner of Special Jury Prize- Best Documentary Feature
Nippon Connections, Frankfurt, Germany
Open City Documentary Film Festival, London, UK


Director & Producer: Kimi Takesue
Producer: Chiemi Karasawa
Cinematographer & Editor: Kimi Takesue
Co-Producer: Richard Beenen
Associate Producer: Sophie Luo
Colorist: Gabriele Turchi
Additional Music: Paul Brill
Re-recording Sound Mixer: Tom Efinger
Sound Editor: Jeff Seelye
Key Art / Design: Eddie Chu
Production Coordinator: Meera Aiyagari
Post & Publicity Assistant: Minna Son
Production Company: Kimikat Productions
In Association with: Isotope Films